Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"How's the kids, Joe?"
"Oh. Two years I ain't seen 'em. You believe that shit? Can't see 'em at all."
"Fucking court case and all cost me couple thousand and still I lose. Get the best lawyer in... you know Ben Fried, Garfield?"
"Oh, yeah. Sure."
"See him on TV."
"I'm tellin' you."
"Shoulda gone to Mansfield and Mansfield in, uh..."
"That ain't right, Joe. That ain't right."
"I'm tellin' you. It's makin' me sick inside not seein' those kids. Ain't seen em two years, Man! My little boy four and my girl seven? It hurts like hell not knowing..."
"Well, I mean I can't say 'cause I never had kids, but..."
"Not knowin' just what they think of me."
"Oh, they know, Joe. They gotta know."
"They got their mother - that bitch - she's always knockin' me down, last I... She fuckin' told 'em I was a 'Work-Aholic.' I mean, come on..."
"I'm sayin'..."
"What's wrong with that?"
"I mean, what's what you're supposed to be."

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